Suzanne Velarde, Owner/President of Velarde Marketing, has more than twenty-five years of experience in the marketing communications field. She is a “seasoned quarterback” who knows how to listen effectively to clients’ needs and give clear direction to others who may be subcontracted to provide services on any given project. This produces quality work through a streamlined production process that saves clients time and money.

Clients have the flexibility to choose the type of relationship that makes the most sense for them. Velarde Marketing may be involved in one or all phases of the marketing communications process, including:

Strategic Planning

Developing a solid marketing strategy is key; however, it need not take months to occur. A strong and objective facilitator, Suzanne is available to lead discussions that result in a better understanding of what sets you apart from your competition. This is the basis for clear, focused communications. Clients receive written marketing plans that are concise and easy to understand, and may include detailed budgets, media schedules and/or production timelines.

Project Management

Suzanne is responsible for the execution of projects to ensure that they are completed on time and on budget. In this role, she receives input and direction from clients, creates timelines, develops quotes, provides direction to other vendors, presents concepts and layouts to clients, checks proofs, coordinates billing, etc.

Concept/Copy Writing

When appropriate, Suzanne is responsible for the development of the overall concept or “hook” that ties a communications program together. She also acts as the writer and editor on projects.

Velarde Marketing has worked with dozens of West Michigan businesses and non-profits to produce materials such as:

Logos/Corporate Identity Brochures Sales Literature
Web Sites Trade Advertising Consumer Advertising
Newsletters Direct-Mail Videos
Press Releases/Media Kits Event Planning and Promotion Employee Communications
Sales Promotions Speeches



The hourly rate for Suzanne’s time is $75/hour. All other contracted services billed through Velarde Marketing will include a 10% markup. Estimates will be provided upon request in line item format with a complete breakdown of charges, and will be based on information provided at the time the estimate is presented. Final billing will be based on actual time and expenses accrued on each project.

Estimates allow for two rounds of revisions unless otherwise specified. Clients are encouraged to review projects with all decision-makers as early as possible to avoid major changes later in the production process. If revisions become excessive or if a client changes the direction of a project after production has begun, a new estimate will be provided.

Your First “Meet and Greet”
No Charge and No Commitment Necessary

Call or email Suzanne if you’re interested in learning more or if you’d like to set up a time to meet in person. Let’s spend some time talking about your business, your marketing needs, and whether or not we might be a good fit for one another.